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Music's Been Good To Me - Reg Poole

1 Music's Been Good To Me
2 Silence On The Line
3 Traditional Country Medley
4 Heart And Soul
5 Slim Dusty Medley
6 Last Of The Balladeers
7 Appaloosa
8 Pride Of Erin Favourites
9 Australia's Fighting Son
10 50's and 60's Medley
11 Mother's Day Medley
12 Harry Bowden Derelict
13 Lovely Lovely World

Battered Old Quart Pots – Ged & Trudy Hintz

Single recorded, mixed and mastered at Redbak

Australia Calling – Sharon Benjamin

1. The Old Man's Gone
2. One Small Photograph
3. Doves Fly Home
4. You And My Guitar
5. The Rope That Pulls The Wind
6. The Sparrow Song
7. Water
8. Big White Volvo
9. Where The Murray Meets The Darling
10. The Dance
11. You Can Have It
12. Things Are Not The Same On The Land (Duet with Nathan Charlton)
This song is a finalist in the Bungendore Stan Coster Awards for 2017 Best Duo/Group
13. This Is Australia Calling

Gone Boy – Living In Paradise

Single recorded, mixed and mastered at Redbak

The Good Old Days - Reg Poole

1. The Good Old Days (feat. Noelene Legge)
2. Welcome To the Club (feat. The Selection Team)
3. Rockin' Years (feat. Sharon Benjamin)
4. Sunset Years of Life (feat. Noelene Legge)
5. Australia (feat. Dean Perrett)
6. You Ain't Dolly (feat. Alice Benfer)
7. The Truckie and the Cocky (feat. Glenn Jones)
8. I Built a Bridge (feat. Evelyn Bury)
9. Riding In the Riverina Rain (feat. The Selection Team)
10. Old Man (feat. Noelene Legge)
11. Do It All Over Again (feat. The Gunbarrel Highwaymen)
12. Candles and Wine (feat. Donita Dey)
13. Overnighter (feat. The Selection Team)
14. Aussie Mates (feat. Keith Jamieson)
15. Sunny Australian Sweetheart (feat. Noelene Legge)
16. I'll See You Down the Road (feat. Tom McIvor)

Tracks 3, 6, 11, 14 recorded at Redbak. CD compiled and remastered at Redbak


Silver Lining - Harriet Kelly

Single recorded, mixed and mastered at Redbak

Marcus Hooper and Andy Heaney - Brindabellas, Edge Of Light

Part 1. Summer
Part 2. Autumn
Part 3.Winter
Part 4. Spring
Part 5. Summer Returns

Soundtrack for Brindabellas, Edge Of Light. A Silver Dory Production

Bec Hance & Pete Wilson

1 Eagles and Horses
2 Till Death Do Us Part
3 Dream
4 Along Came Jones
5 Tenterfield Saddler
6 There's a Hole in My Bucket
7 Somewhere Between
8 Trade You In
9 God's Country
10 To Make You Feel My Love

A Taste Of The Sixties - Amitie

1. Be My Baby
2. Chapel Of Love
3. Come See About Me
4. Da Do Ron Ron
5. I IKnow A Place
6. My Boyfriend's Back
7. Shout
8. Son Of A Preacher Man
9. Stupid Cupid
10. These Boots Are Made For Walking
11. Think
12. Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow

Drillhorse - Go Fish

1. Karoshi
2. Drillhorse
4. Drinking Song
5. Gna-Ka-Lun
6. Madmen
7. Half
8. Hipster [As You Wish]
9. Atomic Bomb

Mixed and mastered at Redbak

The Season's Almost Out - Bran Darsen

1. Be My Eyes
2. Made Of Metal
4. Black Bear
5. Desolation Project
6. The End
7. A Long Way To Die
8. Our Last Try

Beach. Emergency - 3 Way Lane

Singles recorded and mixed at Redbak

Perfect Little world

Perfect Little World – Sharon Benjamin

1. Love Denied
2. Going Home
3. Don't
4. High As Heaven
5. I Want What She's Having
6. Masterpiece
7. Why Would You Wanna
8. No Longer Broken
9. Jack Of Diamond
10. There's Not Another
11. Why He Rolls
12. Afterburn
13. I Love

For The Love Of My Country

For The Love Of My Country – Reg Poole

1. For The Love Of My Country
2. A Tribute To Slim
3. The Man In The Glass (Monologue)
4. Halfway Home
5. Mount Ida
6. The Luggage Van Ahead
7. Ode To A Bull
8. A Grave Situation (Monologue)
9. Long White Cloud
10. I Get So Lonely
11. I Love The Rodeo
12. Two Of You
13. Smile (Monologue)

The Long Road

Down That Lonely Road – Leigh Moneghetti

1. Cry, Cry, Cry
2. I'll Be Your Baby Tonight
3. If That Isn't Love
4. Dusty Guitar
5. My Dad Was A Road Train Man
6. Will I Do (Till The Right One Comes Along)
7. The Shakedown On The Floor
8. When I'm Gray
9. Proud Of You
10. Sadness And I Wander Home
11. When The Rain Tumbles Down In July
12. You Asked Me To

Heart Of Australia

Heart Of Australia – Craig Giles

1. Heart Of Australia
2. He Rides Alone
3. Rusty Memories
4. Rodeo Queen
5. Picture On The Mantle
6. When Am I Going Home
7. Indian Pacific (with Reg Poole)
8. Daddy Clown
9. Fair Dinkum Aussie
10. A Bushman's Last Lament
11. Blue Heeler
12. You Can Never Do Wrong In A Mother's Eyes
13. This Land Is Your Land
14. Together As One

The Picture

The Picture – Sharon Benjamin

1. Oh Boy
2. The Picture
3. Singing The Blues
4. Could I Have This Dance
5. There's A Tear In My Beer
6. Kiss An Angel Good Morning
7. Blanket On The Ground
8. It's Only Make Believe
9. Let Your Love Flow
10. Fly Like A Bird
11. Honky Tonk Merry Go Round
12. Blackboard Of My Heart
13. Folsom Prison Blues
14. Mountain Of Love

Aussie Balladeer

Aussie Balladeer – Reg Poole

1. Aussie Balladeer
2. I'm A Grandad Now
3. In The Kimberleys
4. The Frog
5. If I Had Wings
6. Jacaranda Blue
7. A Man Like That
8. Everlasting Daisies
9. Rough Ridin' Ringers
10. Fireside Dreams
11. Ode To The Road
12. Silent Night, Christmas 1915

This Old House

This Old house – Craig Giles

1. Poetry In Motion
2. Starlight Starbright
3. Baby Why Oh Why
4. Crazy Arms
5. Splish Splash
6. Ruby Baby
7. Someone Must Feel Like A Fool Tonight
8. Talk Back Trembling Lips
9. Je T'aime
10. Such A Night
11. Blame It On The Bossa Nova
12. This Old House
13. Johnny Cash Medley

Rearranging Deckchairs On The Titanic

Rearranging Deck Chairs On The Titanic – 3 Way Lane

1. Between A Rock And A Hard Place
2. Take Me Back
3. Tap It With A Hammer It Ain't Gonna Change
4. It Girl
5. Sunshine
6. Rearranging Deck Chairs On The Titani



Powerless - Sharon Benjamin

1. Speak To The Sky
2. Walk On By
3. He Rides Alone
4. Save Your Kisses For Me
5. Long Black Train
6. A Little Piece Of Me
7. This Old House
8. Who Said Girls Don't Drive
9. If Today Was Your Last Day
10. Me Biggest Fan (the drunk song)


Resouled – Sharon Benjamin

1. Top Of The World
2. Still Got A Couple Of Good Years Left
3. Have You Ever Been Lonely
4. Blue Blue Day
5. Keeping Up
6. I Hope You're Feeling Me
7. Shake Me I Rattle
8. Dear Hearts And Gentle People
9. Sentimental Journey
10. Rocking Years (with Reg Poole)
11. Boots
12. It's Gonna Take A Little Bit Longer
13. Mull Of Kintyre

I Am What I Am

I Am What I Am – Ron Milliner

1. What I Am
2. The Bloke Who Serves The Beer
3. Renner Springs
4. Memories And Dreams
5. Emily's Song
6. Camel Boy
7. Pedro And The Volvo
8. Waltzing Matilda
9. Dance With Me Molly
10. The Old Red Mack 2
11. Leave Him In The Longyard
12. Medley –
Along The Road To Gundagai, That Old Bush Shanty Of Mine, The Man From Never Never Land, It's A Long Way To Tipperary
13. True Blue
14. There's Something In The Pilliga
15. Looking Forward, Looking Back

Top Of The World

Top Of The World – Kinta

1. Top Of The World
2. Making Believe
3. A Good Day
4. Holding You
5. Turn The Cards Slowly
6. Till Each Tear Becomes A Rose
7. Jesus Is Your Ticket To Heaven
8. Send A Message To My Heart (with Craig Giles)
9. I Need You (Honest I Do)
10. Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow
11. Walking After Midnight
12. Norman


Life – Reg Poole

1. Grandpa's Little Girl
2. OId Soldiers Home
3. Super 8
4. Your Wedding Day
5. Ancient Mountains
6. If Everyone
7. With Love From Normandy
8. One One Was A Race Horse
9. Rodeo Heaven
10. Hello Silver Moon And Twinkling Stars
11. So Long Old Mate (A Tribute To Ray Rose)
12. When You've Cried All You Can Cry
13. Aussie Mates

The Old Homestead

Ron Milliner – The Old Homestead

1. Cattlemen From The High Plains
2. Walk On Bye
3. One For The Road
4. Slim Dusty Tribute
5. Spirit Of The Bush
6. Two Old Mates & Roses
7. Farmers Daughter
8. Welcome To The Club
9. The Old Red Mack
10. I Don't Sleep At Night
11. Only Loved One Man
12. Roughrider Dan
13. Travellin' Soldier
14. Christmas At The Station
15. Aussie Welcome

Proud Of My Country

Proud Of My Country – Bec Hance

1. RM Williams Boots
2. Brand New Daddy
3. Modern Day Swaggie
4. In QLD (with Sharon Benjamin)
5. Proud Of My Country
6. Canola
7. Albert Campbell
8. If Only You (with Cameron Mason)
9. Nothin' More To Say
10. Old Lady
11. The Good Song
12. Happy Yodelling Cowgirl
13. Hear Me Lord
14. The Dog That He Can

Call Me Country

Call Me Country – John Battle

1. The Birdsville Track
2. Fred Gutte Wave Hill Spurs
3. Looking Forward, Looking Back
4. The Old Kero Lamp
5. The Walk Up Artist
6. Bush Ballad Pioneers
7. No More Rattle Of The Chains
8. Memories of Lue Store
9. Murray River Dreams
10. The Debut Debacle
11. Spirit Of The Outback
12. The Stockman's Lament
13. Reflections Of Banjo
14. Call Me Country

The Latest Thing – Sharon Benjamin

1. Daddy's Hotel
2. Heartache In Disguise
3. Deloraine
4. Billy Was Here
5. Just One Of Our Mistakes
6. The Latest Thing
7. Who's She Lying To?
8. You Lost Me
9. You Remind Me
10. Heart Of A Hero
11. What A Fool Was I
12. No Straight Answer Love
13. I Wouldn't Wanna Be Me
14. Somebody Someday
15. Thrown Away